Humanistic dog with love


What is the stairs of the mountain? I'm always thinking. but also funny smell. do something....

Thinking circuit of disciples & me are different. U know?

Simply get tired and only the image stairs and stairs. U know?

that's interesting with love step hahahaha.


What is my image?

I'm a great guy. and I do not laugh. U know?

I'm captain. I'm top. I'm love dog. I'm serious. U know?

Stair love was above the clouds. U know?


I love the freedom. I love life. I love good things. I love animals. I love sun with moon.

My journey mom loves me and the free will to continue. U know?

because angel is nearby to protect us. Guardian angel and us.

me and mom & me and he & me....


I run, I laugh, I think. I love my way with good friend with mom.

my dream is not jealous peaceful world.

Human problem is jealousy and gold. Just want to manipulation hurt others.

I saw a lot of shameless human with no sense.

Our journey continues....r

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The mystery of the universe water


Quite different from the things that anyone can believe that my thinking.
Mom and I believe the best psychics.
Sometimes fool repeats the question. why.why.why.why....
Mom and I laugh. Who are you.who.who.who.who....
Mom and I is a beautiful creature.
Mom and I is a beautiful creature. Beautiful or are you?
I'm especially thinking the white brain is strange.hahahaha....


I have observed their opponents with a laugh.
I had to laugh at the equivalent of thinking and I have found someone with the idea a result of one person.
Man singing and dancing at the famous foolish, and whether the man that a woman can be determined that I love stupid,Stupid men and women around the world do not know nothing. who is he?


Look at my great ass.
I am a man there is a visionary of inscription, nd the mom that I love and I know anything.
animals who are living with the strange man is pity. yes pity....
I thought that his music is why funny song. Always was a man that has been manipulated by others.


He and I are playing in the forest. I play every day with him.
He is flying in the forest, I'm running. Look to you....
He protect always the mom and I, I Mom live with him forever.
Meaning is a family....


Black dog is my disciple.    Black is a great color.    Black is a great color.    
Star is a star.Star is a star.Star is a star.Star is a star.
Human star is not.Human star is not.Human star is not.Human star is not.
The man does not think of anything that does not expect human beings to be those who live with the dirty brain at the lowest creatures.
I'm genuine and fake should not be allowed out of their faces.
I celebrated a wonderful birthday with family. Continue communication with the souls while continuing with
my journey.
do not have plastic surgery.
Continue the message....

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Song nothing there are no messages

Song nothing there are no messages.Unfortunately I want to think on their own feel to the song around the world.

For music that everyone use the language placed on a favorite reason for melody can tell I feel the happiness easier to listen to the ear.

As yourself love music without genre relationship I had always expected in the music world of the artist, not the Japanese.

English as the world language without ginger now, singing in English, always waiting for the so great artist, not a love song.

Things that the natural world of animals that have been slaughtered on the planet, many years went by thinking of human beings to destroy the Earth.

What also does not change, let alone anything change to penetrate the devil who is trying to Gyujiro the world is up to the music world know quite a long time.

But dirty world, not in the sense of religious people say something to do with the message, the name is also the human not human at will will and good heart

I believe that the good earth use a small power that it can superimpose day-to-day, musician called the world's top artists

What is, not doing anything, they live in luxury to live in just a luxurious house lip service, and take lie in the animal welfare house and calm.

Sing song is nothing attractive in selfishness, woman also man also for sale their bodies, meaning the sex is for sale only of artists.

Always sex in the historic background that happened on the planet are present, sell sex in the following foully animals and human beings.

In particular, the Japanese do not know anything, not informed, always wait for the least significant of the information, and only read purchased gossip magazine.

Worthless man and a woman of crazy to be nothing mind to talk, something was expected to artists in their power.

Famous person who almost became the current position sell sex and talent in the world, their presence is that I did not know anything,

Now became myself to know many things, do not know good or bad, it does not forgive the world of villain is all the art in the shadow,

Manipulating and are, what you know, not even worth a look, especially in rarities such as Hollywood movies, even someone of a concert visit to Japan equivalent.

Especially What is Johnny Depp music, the ear is played using a guitar sound that does not bear to hear uncomfortable, no message.

But Johnny's movie, but imitate repeats the heavy makeup simple, curiosities art simple acting that can anyone immediately imitated.

Or something of the horror of the picture in the body there is no meaning, is that it is the meaning of the worst My Valentine sign language.

Recommend that the Watch youtube. But there are also the famous musician to the other, the gas is described Faced.

I love one of the musician.

My students are great dogs.

Thanks to the great psychic grandmother.

My grandmother said that to choose a non-religion.non non non non.

Dog talk about next time the religion and the lie of the world.

I Earthlings animals Earth organisms.

In Norway friends CG writer with God place is no name.

Continue the message....


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Our journey


our journey will continue with love.

love that beautiful past time. human beings like the destruction.

spirit and play a person even though there is no ability. incompetent person around the world.

my feel funny. what is the day of the happening, it is the same feeling all the rainbow,you know mean,

Is happening is something all over the world.

It is also brutal and cruel thing. and planet Earth that can not put up with happening on the earth.

creatures that are killed by cruel humans,why, all over the world has become in danger,why,

I like this mountain, but always feel the danger.why, kill human beings human brutally,why,

dying earth and disappear. what is the man of sin,

I learned the meaning of my best friend was killed. I was not on the side of best friend.

I think, alive but dead, dead but alive, I think something of the presence beyond form.

I protect mom with love....


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eyes speak. eyes soul conversation. eyes spirits speak....

visible invisible with love eyes.

truth Eyes of relationship.

Improve visible eyes.


right and left up and down, I'm facing sideways....
meaning the speak of the mind's eye....
my sister has a bad eyes, but well was looking at human...
like the Magic Mirror.
similar to his song.


my tree with me with love with friend.
I'm always listening to his voice with his love.
his love is truth with big wing with god love.
same as my voice and love....


I run always, I sing always dancing, I love animals.
eyes eyes important heart.
important to see the inside of the eyes.
human can not be seen, why why why why.


spirits are friendly, and laughing.
who is to know the eyes of the secret?
I laugh, I run, I eat, I speak with the spirits.
earth is close to death why why why why....

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