Peaceful mind

2017 Vie B-day2 8:9

A shrine's tree and my is a story of love.

Today is my anniversary, my birthday.I'm willing to laugh.

2017 Vie B-day 3 8:9

I speak with trees.The meaning is the voice of the fairies in the trees.

2017 Vie B-day8:9

Birthday songs and mom's handmade cake.I am a pacifist.

Please share time with loved ones.


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blue Moon

2017blue moon1

Moon playing with the blue sky....

The blue sky moon and the earth with love's way.

every day I feel the magic of the moon.

sky and sea are same color....

2017 blue moon3

forest haunted trees.why why why why....

I think a funny story with love story with moon story.

I run with run with run with run.

I feel the smell of the forest and him.who who who who.

2017 blue moon4


I love the forest with life.mean is Inspiration love....

He also plays in the forest with me.

Eternal story is a fairy tale. you know.

2017 blue moon 2

I am singing inspiration.

I love messenger....he sings.

I run in steps.

I run through the world.

2017blue moon5

Who am I? deep story with love way.

my world and nature and ghosts.

my heart is the universe.

My journey continues.

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Light of the sun


Continue light journey.....

And think about something with humans.....

Humans to destroy the Earth.....

Humans without cosmic thought.....


I will continue to research.....

I think something is the ghost of the mountains.....

About energy.....

Eternal time and love.....

I love the earth...........

Our journey will continue...........
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Love to Earth


Sun talking the mountain. Okay?

Vie's live mountain. Sun is worried all times.

The color of the earth changes, meaning what?

Who know the crisis of the planet Earth?


Talented dog, meaning the messenger of love and peace.

Laugh and run. Teach the dangers.


Black body guard, meaning is warrior.

Laugh and run. Teach the dangers.



Live while playing. Learn while playing. Protect while loving.

We know the meaning of important. It is love.


My love is immortal.
My love is everlasting.
My dream and mom dreams of the same.
I pray the survival of Earth.
Thank you very much Close friend....

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